It was back in 1972 when the party of friends Vlasis, Dimitri and Francesco, decided to establish a small suburban printing house in Peristeri Athens. Hard work, good manufacturing practices, respect to the clients and most of all, high quality printings, soon led the small business house to success in the field of Graphic Arts which gave birth to Lithografiki.

Our company was established in June 30, 1975 as LITHOGRAFIKI, which at 12/05/1999 merged with VL. KONTODIMOS and became LITHOGRAFIKI A.B.E.E.

The inital Headquarters of our coumpany were located in the district of Peristeri, Athens up until June 2008. After that, we moved and are now located in our privately owned building in Acharnai, Leoforos Ionias 117.

For more than 35 years we have been active in the sector of box manufacturing and our main priority has been the high quality of our products and services that we provide towards our clients.
Throughout all these years we have built a profile that is characterized by systematic effectiveness, accuracy and most of all by consistency and reliability so that we can provide both safety and guarantee in our area of expertise.

Tradition and craftsmanship of the first generation, the experience and the edgy spirit of the second, are passing the baton to the third generation in Lithografiki. With additive studies in Greek Universities the third generation continues its steady and quality coarse, guaranties thus the certain and long term function the company.

Our equipment is always up to date so that we can provide the best possible results and be able to follow the ‘ requests’ of modern techniques and the demands of each client individually. Our staff is highly trained and our premises hold only the best of both equipment and staff so to provide an excellent result even in the highest of expectations. Because after all, we pay attention to the detail from the first to the last copy!